Shot on iPhone – The Heart of Australia – Online Ad
Apple / Bright Black / Object & Animal
(Dir. Ivan Landau / DOP Austin Rhodes)
Sound recordist.

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Finding happiness through soccer, Aboriginal Australian girls embrace the sport to create new opportunities for themselves. We get a glimpse inside their cultural heritage and how the community preserves and celebrates its identity. Shot in and around Alice Springs in Australia's Norther Territory, this online ad was created to promote the camera capabilities of the iPhone, and released to coincide with the FIFA World Cup.

This was a bit of a strange project for me... Initially shot by an American crew, I was contacted after they had left the country to go and capture an interview with the protagonist of the video as they weren't able to capture what was needed during their time in the country. So, acting as sound recordist, interviewer, and director, I set out to the Sydney school which the young soccer star attends and conducted an interview with her that makes up the majority of what can now be heard here.

Additionally, they wanted the interview to sound authentic and "in situ", not have a clinical voice over sound as is often the aim. To achieve this, I conducted the interview out on one of the sports ovals at the school in a very casual and conversational style.