Van Heusen Mentors Campaign 2018 – Online Ad Series
Van Heusen / Optika Creative
(Dir. James Tyrell / DOP Damon Banning)
Sound recordist.

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Van Heusen is a leading online clothing retailer for both business wear & casual wear needs. Their Mentors campaign invites a line-up of leading men to inspire and surprise as they bring you into their worlds and unveil personal trials and triumphs, creating a blueprint for success.

After working on the 2017 campaign as sound recordist, I was invited back for 2018 to record interviews with Richard Roxburgh, Nazeem Hussain, Curtis McGrath, Billy Slater, and Ben Chan, which would make up a series of videos for the campaign.

Being primarily a stills shoot, the video crew had to work around the stills team both schedule-wise and location-wise. This meant the interviews had to be recorded in a rather small, boxy, and reverberant room. To combat this I employed some heavy acoustic treatments to the space, along with careful microphone placement, which gave the clean and direct sounding voices you can hear here.