The Smart Oven – Pizzaiolo – Online Ad
Breville / Painted Black Productions
(Dir. / DOP)
Voice over recordist.

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The Pizzaiolo is the first domestic counter top oven to hit 750°F and cook an authentic wood fired style pizza in 2 minutes. The online ad, and this accompanying mini doco, were created to promote the release of the new pizza oven and educate consumers on why this new technology is so innovative.

As sound recordist on this project I recorded all the interviews for the mini doco and the voice over for the online ad. With a lot of information to get across, getting a perfect dialogue recording was essential. Employing some acoustic treatments I was able to eliminate the reverb problems of the space we were filming in and, along with precision microphone placement and selection, I was able to record the great sounding voices you can now hear.

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