Equipment for Sydney Sound Recordist
Mixers and Recorders
Sound Devices 833 – 12 channel location recorder and mixer with timecode
Sound Devices 788t-SSD – 8 channel location recorder with timecode and CL-8 mix controller
Sound Devices 702 – 2 channel location recorder
Icon Platform M+ – 9 fader mix control surface with D2 screen

Schoeps CMIT 5u – Shotgun microphone x 2
Schoeps CMC641 – Hypercardioid microphone x 2
DPA 6061 – Lav microphone x 8
DPA 4063 – Lav microphone x 4
DPA 4061 – Lav microphone x 2
Sanken COS-11D – Lav microphone x 2
Sennheiser MD 42 – Handheld presenter microphone x 2
Schoeps CCM4 and CCM8 – Stereo microphone pair
Shure SM57 – Dynamic microphone
Sennheiser MD 421 – Dynamic microphone
Shure KSM44 – Multi-pattern large diaphragm condenser microphone

Lectrosonics DSR4 – Block B1 + C1 – Quad channel radio receiver x 2
Lectrosonics SRc – Block C1 – Dual channel radio receiver
Lectrosonics SMQV – Block 24 + 25 + 26 – Miniature bodypack radio transmitter x 8
Lectrosonics HM – Block 25 + 26 – Wireless boom mic transmitter x 2
Lectrosonics UCR100 – Block 25 + 26 – Radio receiver (backup and wireless camera scratch) x 3
Lectrosonics LMa – Block 25 + 26 – Bodypack radio transmitter x 3
Lectrosonics SRc – Block B1 – Dual Radio receiver (wireless camera links)
Lectrosonics LT – Block B1 – Bag radio transmitter (wireless camera links and IFB send) x 2

Sennheiser G4 IEM – Wireless client receiver x 6
Sennheiser HD 300 – Director’s Headphones
Sony MDRZX110B – Client heaphones x 8

Ambient ACN-NL – Miniature timecode lockit Box x 3
Ambient ACL-204 – Timecode lockit Box
Ambient ACN-LS – Timecode Slate

Specialist Microphones
Sony PCM-D100 – Handheld, high resolution stereo recorder
Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR – Hydrophone x 2
Trance Audio Inducer – Stereo contact microphone kit

This is by no means an exhaustive list and anything required not seen above may already been in my kit or easily acquired for your project.

Equipment for Sydney Sound Recordist

We love working with Jo! He’s always on time, ready to roll, does so with minimum fuss and speaks up when there’s a problem. He’s also fair with fees, overages, and extras as long the requests aren’t crazy. We throw him into the mix on all manner of jobs and environments and he knows how to make the best out of sometimes crappy audio locations. If he is free you should book him.

Dan Trotter
Founder of Ideosphere Media and Found at Sea Films

Jo is professional and super easy to work with. We love having him on set.

Olivia Olley
Producer @ Good Eye Deer

Jo is a consummate professional, a quiet wolf, always thereabouts when you need him, and the delivered work is exemplary.

Steve Hopes and Janine Hosking
iKandy Films

I have worked with Jo on a number of shoots. Each has had some unique audio requirements and each time Jo has known how to work with the environment to give me the best audio possible.

Jody Pachniuk
Director and Producer @ JPP

Jo is a consummate professional who always delivers incredible sound and never comes to set without his terrific attitude.

Dave Burrowes
Director @ Acuity Productions

Jo is fantastic. Always professional and a great problem solver. I definitely would recommend. His experience in post-production audio has come in handy on set with calling out possible issues that may arise latter in the post workflow, saved us a couple of bucks.

Jack Kemp
Director and Producer @ Optus

The quality of Jo’s sound recording is second to none. His gear and ability are both top notch and we have never had anything but excellent audio from him. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s a lovely guy and a pleasure to work with.

Joel Hagen
Producer @ Acuity Productions

Jo is everything you want in a crew member. Technically proficient while being creative and collaborative. I would highly recommend him!

Graeme Robertson
Creative Director @ The Story of Us

Jo has become my main go-to for every content shoot I produce. He’s efficient and professional. A no-fuss team player!

Bella Harris
TV Producer @ DDB Sydney

Location sound is too often neglected as an integral part of production. Jo has a great manner when working with new talent, who are often unnerved by the Soundie when they aren’t friendly, professional, considerate, discrete and just ace at recording location sound. Jo is all of these things. Stop searching, just book him already!

Mark Dooley
Producer and Director @ Endemol Shine Australia

I have been working with Jo for over five years and with every year comes amazing growth in his ability to achieve the ultimate result. Not once have I been disappointed in his work and will hire him for any shoot.

Simon Morehead
Director and Producer @ Crater

Jo is my go-to sound guy. Very easy to work with and always brings the right gear and a good attitude on set.

Michael J. Herman
Director and Producer @ AdHoc Films

The team at 85 Productions have worked with Joseph on numerous occasions and each time he delivers. His professionalism on set and ability to undertake his job is second to none.

Simon Morehead
Director and Producer @ 85p

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jo for many years across many different projects. His attention to detail is fantastic. Always my go-to man for sound.

Matthew Jenkin
Director, Writer and Producer @ Ninja Milk

I have worked with Jo on multiple projects from documentary series and TVCs to branded content. When Jo is on set I know we are getting the best location sound possible to take the accompanying images to the next level. I recommend Jo to everyone.

Bradley J. Conomy
Freelance Director of Photography @ Milk Truck Cinema

Working with Jo is always a great experience. He is highly dependable and does an excellent job.

Natalie van den Dungen
Freelance Writer and Director

We work mostly in Melbourne but use Jo any time we shoot in Sydney and need specialised sound services. Great vibe and confident approach to production.

Derry Sheehan
Producer and Director @ Tooth & Claw

Jo is a breeze to work with. A fully capable, fully professional fella. A no brainer!

Nathan Drabsch
Creative Director @ Kin Things