Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues – TVC Series
NRL / Brydens Lawyers / Hustle Media
(Dir. Hugh Humphreys / DOP. Bradley Conomy
Sound designer, mixer, and editor, Sound recordist.

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Brydens Lawyers are the major sponsor of the NSW Blues NRL Team. This series of TVCs were created to celebrate their partnership during the State of Origin season.

As sound designer for the project, I wanted to capture and enhance the nostalgia and love for Rugby League that the players and the fans both hold so dear. Use of creative sound effects and mixing give us an insight in to the on screen characters minds and emotions.

As the sound recordist I captured the voice overs whilst on set with the talent. To do this I had to construct makeshift VO booths using knowledge of acoustics gained during my masters degree and 10+ years of experience in audio capture. I also used the opportunity on set to capture various foley and sound effect recordings for use in the sound design process.