Barbie Fashionistas – Online Ads and Content
Mattel / Conti Bros Films
(Dir. Michelle Lehman / DOP Dan Freene)
Sound recordist.

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This series of online ads were produced to promote the Barbie Fashionistas range of children's clothing.

Working with children can always be a challenge. Likewise, working with fashion. Combining the two can make things very tricky when you need to use radio mics. In this instance, I opted to avoid miking up the kids for two reasons; 1. it would only add to the distractions for the kids, and 2. the constant wardrobe changes would mean pulling mics on and off all day which would only slow things down when we had a lot to shoot in a small amount of time.

Luckily the studio choice and shot sizes allowed for quality and accessible booming. More work for me but I always prefer to boom when I can. A well placed boom in a good space will always sound better than a radio mic.