Lebanese Beauty Queens – Broadcast Documentary Special
SBS / iKandy Films
(Dir. Janine Hoskings/ DOP. Steve Hopes)
Sound recordist.

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Lebanese Beauty Queens, a feature documentary produced as part of the SBS Untold Australia series, follows Australia's most controversial beauty pageant, Miss Lebanon Australia.

As one of the primary sound recordist on the doco, I recorded many of the training sessions the contestants went through in the lead up to the pageant. With a lot of people in the room at once, and a very run-and-gun style production in place, it was imperative to be on the ball non-stop. With budget a consideration, key talent were radio miked and a roaming boom navigated the space to capture any other person who may speak. Managing sound, especially when booming, whilst avoiding multiple cameras shooting in the same space becomes quite the dance but something I've developed a knack for over the years.

I love doing documentary work and this project was a really fun and interesting one to be part of.