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ANZ / Joker Theory
(Dir. / DOP Cisco Corea)
Sound recordist.

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ANZ APEX is a service which provides inspiration, insight and news for financial advisers to improve their business, be informed, and stay up to date on trends across the sector. As part of the APEX Conference in 2015, global futurist Anders Sörman-Nilsson gave a keynote presentation. This series of videos was produced to complement that presentation.

Shot in a single day at Sydney's Carriageworks, this series is made up entirely of pieces to camera delivered by Anders. With dialogue the key component of the videos it was crucial that it be recorded cleanly and maintain a present and engaging tone. Achieving this in the large warehouse style rooms of Carriageworks can be difficult due to the reverberant acoustics of the space.

With careful mic selection and placement, along with some simple but effective acoustic treatment, I was able to tame the space and capture a crisp, warm dialogue recording.