Mitsubishi Electric – Works for Me – TVC Series
Mitsubishi Electric / Good Eye Deer / Treehouse
(Dir. Jason van Genderen / DOP Gavin Banks)
Sound recordist.

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Mitsubishi Electric is one of the worlds leading multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing companies. Over my career I've helped created TVCs to promote their multiple technologies and promotions across many different campaigns.

The most exciting, and certainly the most challenging of them, is the TVC you can see here. Shot across two days and multiple locations, including a green screen studio, sports stadium, a cityrail train, and even inside the iFly indoor skydiving tunnel, recording clean audio was no mean feat.

With an in-depth knowledge of correct microphone placement and some fancy Macgyvering (gaffers tape included, of course), I was able to capture all the audio you can now hear in the TVC and avoid the need for any ADR in post production.