The Marshes – Feature Film
28 Productions
(Dir. Roger Scott / DOP Giovanni C. Lorusso)
Sound recordist

* A Night of Horror Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection (NSW, Australia)
* Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival 2018 – Official Selection (QLD, Australia)

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Set deep in the Macquarie Marshes, Dr Pria Anan is committed to saving a land on the verge of extinction. When a horrifying evil manifests, her team must abandon science and focus on survival in this Australian psychological horror-thriller.

This is the second feature I worked on as sound recordist. Shot on location in the marshes, long days were spent deep in swamps, in 40+ degree heat, surrounded by red-bellied black snakes, and running full pace, in full kit, through two meter tall reeds. Working in such harsh conditions is never easy and the right tools, knowledge, and experience are all essential if you want to capture the clean and clear sound you can hear in this film.

Along with the dialogue and action capture, I also endeavoured to create a library of atmos, foley, and SFX from around the marshes. These recordings can be heard throughout the soundscape of the film.

While it was definitely the most intense and demanding shoot I've been part of, the excellent and supportive cast and crew all worked together to get the job done. It's an experience I'm so glad to have been a part of.