REVOLT – Short Film
Lightbulb Head Films
(Dir. David Burrowes / DOP. Matt Cresswell)
Sound designer, mixer and editor, Sound recordist.

* Flickerfest 2021 – Official Selection

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When a disgruntled climate activist bumps into the CEO of a massive oil conglomerate in her local coffee shop, she recognises that this is her big shot to finally DO something about the end of the world.

Working on this short film was a lot of fun! As sound designer on the project, due to the colourful, over the top, and occasionally absurd tone of this black comedy, I was able to really play and use sound to heighten the characters emotional states. Sound design was also used to fully create the military world for the final scenes of the film, supplementing the modest budget we produced it with.

As sound recordist on the film, I used my 10+ year of experience in radio mic placement, and boom swinging along side handheld cinematography, to capture the multiple fight scenes and heavy dialogue pages of the film without the need of a single line of ADR being needed.