Old Lady Luck
Ninja Milk Productions
(Dir. / DOP Bradley Conomy)
Sound designer, mixer and editor, location recordist.

* Young at Heart Film Festival 2014 – Winner Audience Award (NSW, Australia)
* Outbox International Short Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection (Lebanon)
* Postira Seaside Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection (Croatia)
* DC Shorts Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection (USA)
* Westend Film Festival 2014 – Finalist (QLD, Australia)

Old Lady Luck is a simple black comedy focusing on the plight of an elderly lady who finds herself short on cash, whilst sending out her relatives birthday cards. The film contains no dialogue and only the single character.

As location recordist for the single day shoot, I aimed to record the movements and vocalizations of the protagonist as cleanly and crisply as possible, whilst on set. With a post schedule of only 5 days, it was essential to get as much of this as possible to avoid any delays doing foley and extra SFX. Every breath and sigh was captured along with prop movements, floor board creaks, and clothing shuffles. The driving sequences presented another challenge but were captured perfectly using my Schoeps M/S pair either inside the car or from a follow vehicle.

As sound designer and mixer on the film, I aimed to express the emotion of the old lady through soundscape, a place where dialogue is often the driving force. This meant using the location recordings to enhance every thought and feeling; whether it be through a deep sigh of despair, or the slamming of a car door. Careful selection, editing, and mixing of atmosphere tracks also enriched the emotional experience.

Watch the film on Vimeo