Lime Cordiale with the Northern Beaches Orchestra – Live at Lizotte’s – Online Content
Audio engineer, mastering engineer, location recordist.

Lime Cordiale are a Sydney based quartet who grew out of the Northern Beaches music scene. Drawing from their classically trained background, and experiences from their awkward teenage years, Lime Cordiale strives to create strong pop music with a fresh sound. In July 2012 they performed at Lizotte's, accompanied by the Northern Beaches Orchestra. This special performance was shot by a small film crew. I was brought in to record the live audio.

Using a split from the stage mics and a 24-track hard-disk recorder, I was able to capture each band instrument individually with minimal bleed. Unfortunately, due to the size and style of the venue, the orchestra was positioned in front of the stage resulting in a lot of unwanted spill being picked up from the PA. Following the live recording, I was given the job of mix and mastering engineer. Doing what possible to clean up the orchestra mics, I aimed to create a punchy, dynamic mix, which captured the live energy of the performance.

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