NRL Come Play Junior League  – TVC
NRL / Hustle Media
(Dir. Hugh Humphreys / DOP Bradley Conomy)
Sound designer, mixer, and editor, Sound recordist.

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Junior League is an NRL offshoot competition for children aged 6 to 15. It has its own set of rules to encourage fun, safety, and team play. This TVC was created to promote the league.

As sound recordist on the one-day studio shoot my main focus was to record the dialogue from the kids as cleanly and clearly as possible while always making sure the kids were comfortable and having fun.

As sound designer and mixer for the TVC I had to really bring the excitement and energy to the minimal style of visuals. This meant larger than life sound effects and use of crowd atmos recordings. Balancing the mix so that the dialogue always cut through whilst the energy levels provided by the music and atmos never lacked was also crucial.