CBA Market Rate Loans – Internal Content
Commonwealth Bank of Australia / The Story of Us
(Dir. Graeme Robertson / DOP Chris Bland)
Sound designer, mixer and editor, location recordist.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is the countries leading supplier of integrated financial services. This short series of videos were created as internal content, to explain how the new market rate loans work.

Shot on green screen in a well isolated studio, it was an ideal location for sound recording. As the characters in the videos don't speak, it was simply a matter of capturing the sound of their movements, particular for the knight, as his suit of armor was very expressive! The voice over was recorded in a vocal booth using correct close miking techniques to accentuate the deep character of the artist's voice.

The real challenge for this project came in post production, as the video became a combination of live action and animation. The sound design had to enhance the viewing experience whilst subconsciously promoting the idea that market rate loans are better and the way of the future. The mix had to keep the videos exciting and interesting without taking away from the all important voice over. A lot of fun was had recording and creating the various sound effects and foley used to bring the videos to life.