Beauty is Everywhere  – Short Film
A Crystal Egan & Mark Rasmussen Production
(Dir. Charlie R Barnett / DOP Zoltan Jonas)
Sound Designer, mixer and editor, location recordist.

Beauty is Everywhere is a simple two minute short which explores the relationship between people and their environment, following the journey one man takes each day on his way to work. The pressures of the concrete jungle have disconnected him from life and nature and in a desperate attempt to reconnect he finds a small paradise in the most unlikely place.

I worked on this project as sound designer and, to a lesser extent, as location recordist. Due to a busy personal schedule I was only available for a very brief period of the shoot. The result of this is over 90% of the film being sound designed and constructed from complete silence. Using sound, I wanted to put the audience in the space of the character so that they may identify and empathise with him.