Here is a collection of music based recordings I have made. Below you will find various examples of my work from a full orchestra and ensembles recorded live in some of the greatest halls in Australia, to solo artists recorded in my lounge room. All of these were recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by myself.  Enjoy!

Sarah Sivaraman – Flying in the Face of Normalcy EP

Runaway Renegades

Lucas Song


Ezmerelda Dreams

Sydney Conservatorium Large Choir

Unknown Song

Ave Maria, O Auctrix Vite!

Sydney Conservatorium Jazz Ensemble

In a Sentimental Mood


The Blues

Sydney Conservatorium Percussion Ensemble

Unknown Song

Various Bards – Live in Verbrugghen

Love Song for a Yacht


Rina de Gatos



Melinda Whan – Lounge Room Blues EP

Sunny Road (Emiliana Torrini Cover)

Take Me Away

Sail Back to Me

Hybrid Dream – Rehearsal Sessions


Lightening Flash

What Strange Regions Are These

Third World