The Last Shift – Wonderland Productions (Dir. Claire Haywood / DOP Toby Ralph) Sound designer, mixer and editor, location recordist. * Tropfest 2010 – Top 60 finalist (NSW, Australia)

The Last Shift is a psychological thriller which follows a night in the life of an immigrant taxi driver named, Staf. As Staf battles through his shift, struggling to deal with abusive drunks, violent youths, and an arrogant, racist boss, we learn that someone has been murdering cab drivers in the streets. Will Staf live to see the morning? Or is the killer closer to him than we think?

This was the first film I worked on after obtaining my Masters Degree and it launched me into the world of sound for picture. As sound designer on the project (as well as location recordist and composer) I wanted to create a heightened emotional state to reflect the mental stress that our protagonist, Staf, is feeling as his night unravels. The often sparse and dark soundscape helps to invoke a sense of tension and foreboding as the film progresses.