One For One Cambodia – Oscar Wylee Eyewear – Online Content
Oscar Wylee / Lourve Productions
(Dir. Yingna Lu / DOP Ella Gibbins)
Sound designer, mixer and editor, location recordist.

Oscar Wylee is an eyeglasses designer company based in Australia. As part of their I Care program, for every pair of frames purchased from them they help provide access to eye care for someone in need. In March 2013 I flew to Cambodia with Oscar Wylee and a small film crew to shoot a promotional video for the I Care program.

Having traveled through Nepal and India recording the local culture, I knew I would have a unique opportunity to capture something different whilst on this shoot. I took it upon myself to capture not only the clear dialogue needed, but as much of the sonic culture of Cambodia as I could. Using my Schoeps MS pair I made stereo recordings of monks chanting, a blind flute player, and street markets, to name a few.

Later, as sound designer and mixer for the project, I used as many of these recordings as I could to help enhance the visual impact of the video. By adding these recordings I was able to change the beginning of the video from a visual montage to something which engaged and penetrated the viewer, bringing the Cambodian world a little closer.

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