I Spy - Sam Faull Productions (Dir. Sam Faull / DOP Boris Vymenets) Location recordist. * Cockatoo Island Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection (NSW, Australia) * Sandfly Film Festival 2012 - Official Selection (NSW, Australia) * St. Kilda Film Festival 2013 - Official Selection (VIC, Australia)

I Spy is a lighthearted drama short about boys being boys and the bumpy road that is puberty. Kyle is 13, he's a good kid, naive but curious, and on a camping holiday with his family he's led astray by his older cousins' and convinced to play their not quite PG-rated version of I spy.

I worked on I Spy as location recordist on the second day of a two day shoot (I was unavailable for day one due to another job). With the location set at a caravan park by the beach, it was a challenge to deal with the strong coastal winds and high background noise present. However, with a few mic placement tricks and the right tools, I was able to record relatively clean and clear audio on the day.