Lost for Words – Mock TVC Plum Loco Productions (Dir. Julietta Boscolo / DOP David Thring) Sound designer, mixer and editor, location recordist.

Lost For Words is one of two in a series of humorous mock TVCs, created by director, Julietta Boscolo. It promotes a fake organisation called The Institute for the Conversationally Challenged which helps those affected by an inability to make small talk.

As location recordist I was faced with the challenge of recording sound at a park filled with playing children, a building surrounded by trees full of cicadas, and a path running along Sydney harbour. As each of these locations had a high level of background noise, correct microphone placement was of vital importance. Later, as sound designer on the project, I aimed to heighten the emotion of the film in order to enhance its satirical nature. This involved removing any remaining unwanted background noise, enhancing the foley and SFX, and creating an exciting and dynamic mix.