Hybrid Dream - Eclective Productions, PACT Theatre (Dir. Rachel Chant and Alanna Proud) Sound designer, audio tech.

Hybrid Dream is a surreal re-imagining of Strindberg’s canonical text, A Dream Play, which encourages the union of artistic disciplines as it merges cutting edge media technology, live music, live art, sound art and physical theatre to take the audience on a journey through the trappings of Strindberg’s unstable and zealous creative mind.

I was involved in this project from its inception, through to completion, as sound designer. As a theatre project like no other I've been involved in, or even seen, I created a wide variety of dense soundscapes using sourced samples and recordings made of the actors during the rehearsal process. The performance also involved live musicians and speeches, which I mixed and manipulated through a large array of guitar effects pedals, often recording and looping them as the performance played out.

Listen to Recordings From the Rehearsal Sessions