Hunter n Hornet - Mobile App Video Content iFodder Content Creators (Dir. Sonny Vrebac) Sound designer, mixer and editor.

Hunter n Hornet is mobisode series as part of a larger, interactive app. It focuses on a pair of pick-up-artists as they lead by example trying to pick-up chicks using the smoothest lines, crazy theories, and killer executions. Utilising the app, users can interact with the characters; posing dating questions, posting success stories and snaps, and asking the pick-up cube those all important questions of love.

I've been involved in the Hunter n Hornet project as sound designer for the app's video content. Being essentially a comedy series, the sound design aims to both support and enhance the comedy elements of the performances and script. Use of comedic sound effects and creative mixing help to draw in and amuse the viewer, keeping them enthralled as Hunter n Hornet work their charms.