Crave – A Bit On The Side Productions, PACT Theatre (Dir. Felicity Nicol) Sound designer, audio tech.

Crave is a one-act play by British playwright, Sarah Kane, first performed in 1998. It is a dark and poetic script with zero stage directions, character descriptions, or even context. The characters are simply named A, B, C, and M, and their sex is only identifiable through analysis of the play. Crave deals with the theme of pain in love. In this performance, we find the four characters traped in a bleak wasteland as they struggle to find purpose and meaning while dealing with their tortured existance.

As sound designer for the production, I created a dark and atmospheric soundscape which worked in harmony with the lighting design to evoke a sense of tension, pain, and desire. The soundscapes were performed live by myself using synthesisers, MIDI triggers, and recorded samples.